Q: What if I make a mistake when I place an order?

A: Simply reply to your confirmation email with the details and we will make the changes.

Q: What if the items I am after are out of stock?

A: We will notify you via email or phone.

Q: How do I change my delivery address?

A: Login to your account then click on the my account tab and change the details as required. You can only have 2 different addresses at a time.

Q: Is my card charge immediately after i place my order?

A: No, we process your card manually so dont worry if you make a mistake.

Q: Where can I put deliver instructions?

A: Just add comments in your cart.

Q: What if my suburb isnt listed for delivery?

A: It is possible that we dont deliver in your area. There is a link on the home page that lists most of the suburbs. If you would like to enquire if we can deliver to you just give us a call or email us.

Q: What if I cant find what I am looking for?

A: Try using the advance search button. Not all of our items are listed on the website so you may need to contact us and make an enquiry.